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Each light bulb is unique and has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Here we look at some of the different types of light bulbs along with their pros and cons and also in what setting the light bulb can be used in.

1. Incandescent

The incandescent light bulbs are one of the most common types of light bulbs in the market. They typically last for about 700 to 1000 hours and tend to have an inviting, warm feeling. The light bulb though is not very energy efficient.

2. Halogen

The halogen bulbs are a variation of the incandescent light bulb and are a little bit more efficient than their predecessors. But the biggest problem with the halogen bulbs is that it heats up a lot. Due to this heating effect, halogen bulbs need to be handled carefully, even the smallest amount of oil from the hands of the user can cause the bulb to explode. But the halogen bulbs are still wildly used due to it being the closest bulb that emits “white light” and is often used in uner-cabinet lighting.

3. Fluorescent


Fluorescent light bulbs are starting to replace incandescent light bulbs but they still don’t offer the dimming feature. The light bulbs come with a number of different variations and are typically used to light up basements and attics. The fluorescent light bulbs also come in varying colours and can thus be used for a number of different purposes.

4. CFLs

CFLs are 10 times more efficient that incandescent light bulbs and consume only half the energy. But the biggest problem with CFLs is that it contains trace amounts of mercury which can become an issue if there is breakage of any kind. The CFLs last for about 7000 to 10000 hours and can be used in any place the incandescent lights used to be used.

5. LED

The light emitting diode is the next big thing in lighting technology. The reason it is the next big thing is because of the scalability issues that the LED faces. The LEDs are lot more energy efficient that all of its previous counterparts but don’t emit diffusing lights. LEDs are known to only produce directional light and hence can’t be used in lighting up large spaces unless a lot of LEDs are grouped together. For now LEDs are being used in cabinet lighting. LEDs are also a lot more expensive than the typical CFL bulb making it difficult for common households to utilise it. But more and more innovation is happening in the LED space, and the future looks bright, to say the least.

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